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10 Week Vocal Super Boost

10 Week Course to Skyrocket Your Voice and Confidence

Designed to make you a better singer and/or speaker in just 10 weeks.

At the end of the 10 weeks  you will go from feeling invisible to feeling like a god on stage.

Here's a bit about the course itself:

- Week 1 - 

 Let’s get this party started. It’s a regular workout party for your tongue and throat to get your vocal mechanism all warmed up and stronger for the coming weeks. You’ll write down your big accomplishment, the big event that will let you know that you have reached your goals. You’ll learn how to keep your voice healthy for this super vocal workout regimen, and you’ll have some listening exercises so you can learn what good singing is like so you can do it, too! 

-Week 2 -  

Tongue end throat workout part 2. Make your voice even stronger! Now you’ll get something to chant to get the feel for making a good sound and connecting the text for more musical singing and speech (yes, speech is musical). You’ll get some singing warm-ups too to stretch out those vocals and access some new notes. 

Week 3 -  

You’ll come out of this week with a new set of exercises to make your voice even more powerful...amping it up even more! You’ll have your first song assignment (you can sing other songs too, but this one is just for the course) and you’ll get to examine how you think of yourself and how you want to be.

-Week 4-

 Ever wanted to learn a new language? This is your chance, sorta. You’ll get the fundamentals of how to read vocal music so you can translate all those lines and squiggles into actual music! Amp up your vocals with some new lip and tongue exercises, and learn a new song.  

-Week 5-

 Learn the classic that everyone loves, “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”. You’ll have a new writing exercise, rewriting your story to become the person you want to be. 

You get all this and more. 

-Week 6-

 You’ll talk your note reading abilities up a notch, learn a new song, and come out with a whole new tool to convert a day from a bummer to super. 

-Week 7-

 These new set of exercises will build a new level on to your already expanded range. Imagine adding a third story on to your two story voice range. You’ll be touching the sky with access to new higher notes. 

-Week 8-

 It can happen to anyone, even the most seasoned opera singer might get a cold or wear themselves out. You’ll learn what to do if this happens to you so you can have a quick recovery. We'll build more skills working out details of your previous work.

-Week 9-

 Level 3 note reading. Now that you have more tools and are well on your way to becoming a super singer, it’s time to learn other ways to put that talent to use. You will, at some point, be working with other musicians so here are some tips and tricks to finding groups to sing with and how to do it well. 

-Week 10-

 Congratulations! You are a whole new singer. Never look back, but let’s look at the tools you have accumulated. You’ll write about who you have become over the last 10 weeks both as a singer and any other areas of your life that have been impacted. 

Includes 5 x 30 minute  one-on-one coachings.

Personalized written exercises.

Personalized mp3s.

At the end of the 10 weeks, you will have more vocal power, greater vocal range, skyrocketed confidence, and new tools to help you in every area of your life.

Currently, there are 5 openings for the beta program at $500. Take advantage now before the prices goes up to $1200!

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