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About Paul The Voice Coach


Paul is a classically trained Los Angeles Voice coach. He has adapted his classical singing training  to help actors, voice-over artists, and singers improve their diction, reduce or learn dialects,  as well as singing technique. His primary goal for his students is to have them discover the power they have within to create the career, performances, and life that they want. He wants you to discover the teacher within yourself. He offers both in-person voice coaching and voice coaching online.

Paul worked as a professional singer in NYC singing with the professional choirs at Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, St. Clement's Episcopal in Manhattan, Christ Church Bay Ridge in Brooklyn (CCBR), and St. Boniface choirs, among others. His choral works have been performed at CCBR and the ASU Newman Center where he has been a professional choir member as well. He has been section leader/soloist at the Cathedrals of St. John the Evangelist in Cleveland, OH, St. Joseph in Columbus, OH, and Ss. Simon and Jude in Phoenix, AZ. He's appeared in the NYC fringe festival singing with Broadway veterans and sung with Pacific Opera in NYC. He's also sung with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. He has a BA in music from Cleveland State University and did some post graduate studies at Manhattan School of Music. He has studied some composition with Mark Janas and has taken class and private acting studies with Brandy Hotchner, Andy Gale, and Barbara Poitier. He has a thirst to learn different approaches to voice studies and his  voice teachers include Noelle Rogers, Mark Oswald, John Norris, and Bill Dempsey.

He has also done a fair amount of theatre and musical theatre appearing as Nick in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Vincent in Ear, and as a soloist and ensemble member in A Beautiful Noise.

By Paul Kolecki, Voice Coach - Los Angeles



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A Message From Paul

About Paul the Voice Coach Los Angeles

A Message From Paul


You want to be the best singer you can be and I want you to be that, to discover the performer within. 

It takes more than good technique to become a good singer. While I teach techniques from the Italian School of singing, I borrow from many different approaches. I also address your psychology and spirit as all of these have to be in alignment for success.

I cannot turn you into a great singer in three months or 7 days or 100 years. What I can do is give you tools to get there  and we will work together to make sure it happens. 

I offer 3 month and 7 day sections. Why do I do this? That amount of time is not enough to completely make you into a great singer, but I have found it takes about 3 months for new habits to form. At the end of 3 months, we then decide if another 3 months is needed or if we can meet on a less frequent basis. I have also found that 7 days of intense study is enough to fix one song or one issue with a particular passage. Just as in the 3 month session, we can decide, after the 7 days, if more study is needed and how to go about it.

I have found that singers need to study more than singing technique, so working with me you will get diction study, listening assignments and writing assignments to help you better understand your voice and what makes bad, good, and great singing.

I do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal. I do not have a one size fits all program. I listen to what you need and want and do what needs to be done. I will research and adapt if what we've been doing isn't working for you. I have studied with and worked with the best in the world and  I pass all of this knowledge on to you.  

You want to be the best performer you can be and I want you to be that, to discover the singer within.  I use imagination and visualization to help the student achieve their goals whether they are performing as a hobby or as a career.

I have a background in psychology as well, so I use unique learning methods. 

I am good at finding out what might be blocking students and help them break through those barriers. I want you, the student, whether singing or public speaking, to achieve the next level.  

 I work via Google Hangouts and Skype as well as in person. 

I love to see people grow as performers and persons. There are few things as rewarding as seeing someone accomplish a goal. 

-Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles

"Paul has provided superior service in vocal and piano lessons. I have trained with Paul for three years. He has been there not only for training, but auditions as well." - Timothy TV Cao - Broadway's Matilda