Paul The Voice Coach Los Angeles

Be understood

Improve your speech quality and be heard on stage, on film, and in the auditorium. Judy Dench recently complained about how it is harder and harder to understand actors. I teach you how to use your breath more effectively, project, and improve your pronunciation.

The standard course runs for 12 weeks and is just $600. This includes 6 x 30 minute one on one coachings via Skype or Google hangouts, plus 12 email/video coachings.


$160 for four (2 x 30 minute lessons plus 2 email coachings)

$200 for 10 email-only coaching sessions

$150 per hour for a single session

$125 per hour if you buy 4 - 10 lessons at once

$100 for a package of 10 or more.

$10,000 for the 21 Day Transformation Intensive

$3000 for 3 month apprenticeships.

We will strengthen your breathing, work on exercises to give you more control over your tongue and voice, learn how to analyze texts to give them a new level of interpretation, and improve your vocal power.

As with all of my other services, there is a 30 day money back guarantee and we start with a free consultation.

Free Consultation