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Paul The Voice coach Los Angeles

Aleksandra Marinkovic

 Paul was a referral from Arizona Actors Academy and boy was I glad to get to work with him! Paul and I studied different variations of British accents and he eventually helped me find my voice for a specific character I was working on. He is very punctual and will work with your schedule, he even comes to you, which made things easier on us students!! Thank you Paul for all the vocal warmups, exercises, accent work and time you put in to helping your students. 

From Paul the Voice Coach in Los Angeles: Thank you Alexandra! It was a pleasure to work with you. 


Alyssa Scott

 Going into my lessons with Paul [the Voice Coach], I had no idea what to expect. I'd never had voice lessons before and my voice had been an area of insecurity for me my whole life.Thankfully, Paul coaches in a way that put me,a novice, at great ease.Even after just two lessons with Paul, my acting coach noticed a difference in my vocal quality.I was able to realize how I had developed a habit of incorrect breathing and posture and how it was effecting my every day life.He not only provided me with
greater skill as a performer, but with better overall habits for speaking and carrying myself in day to day life.  

From Paul: It was a pleasure, Alyssa. I look forward to seeing you next time you are in Los Angeles!

Timothy TV-Cao Voice Coach Los Angeles

Timothy TV-Cao

 I have been training with Paul [the Voice Coach] over piano and voice, and I have improved significantly under his training. He has a vast amount of knowledge ranging from vocal placement to incredible knowledge about music and many other career guiding influences. He is very supportive and always wants you to succeed, and will help you figure out things in a fun respectful and professional way. I have learned so much from Paul, and I appreciate his love to teach and his love of music.  

Timothy, it is an honor that we have kept up lessons since your time in New York. Skype is so wonderful. I look forward to seeing you here in Los Angeles or wherever else we get to work.

Anthony Maniscalco Voice Coach Los Angeles

Anthony Maniscalco

 Paul [the Voice Coach] is an incredibly gifted teacher. My diction drastically improved using his methods and I can’t recommend him highly enough! 

From Paul: Thank you, Anthony. I am glad you have made the move to advance your career in Los Angeles!

Jason Heath talks about his experience with Paul The Voice coach.He is not in Los Angeles, but has been taking lessons online. Click to watch the video. *the $160 plan is no longer available