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Expand your range, boost your stamina and vocal power with voice lessons. Improve your pitch accuracy and musicianship skills.  Serious singers and working professionals by interview only.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online.  Group class  in North Hollywood.

10 Week Vocal Super Boost

Voice Coach, Los Angeles Singing Lessons

 You are worth being heard. Be a more dynamic speaker, a better singer, improve your diction and pronunciation, boost your confidence, and get your creativity flowing. Perfect for public speaking, presenters, sales people, ESL, or anyone looking to advance their career and life.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online.

How to Use Your Voice Blog

Paul The Voice Coach Los Angeles

 This is a blog on many topics related to singing, speaking, and using Law of Attraction to manifest the life and career you desire.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online. 


Voice Coach Los Angeles

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Check out my free videos on speech, diction, singing, and other performance topics. Singing lessons by Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles.

Ear Training and Sight Singing

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Learn how to read music, improve your pitch, and develop the invaluable, 

time-saving, mind-blowing skill of singing on sight. 12 week section includes 6 x 30 minute one-on-one online sessions. with  Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles.

Tips for Vocal Health


These are things that have helped others and myself stay healthy. 

This is not medical advice.

1. Run a humidifier or vaporizer, especially at night. It can help prevent colds and sinus infections as well as reduce congestion. This is especially important in the dry months.

2. Use a neti-pot to wash your sinuses. This moisturizes the nasal passages and cleans dust and bacteria out from the sinuses, thus preventing sinus infections and colds. DO NOT use tap water. There is a chance of infection from micro-organisms that might be in the tap water. Instead, use bottled or distilled water. Warm it up a bit.

3. If you feel a cold or sinus infection coming on, use Alkalol diluted with water and gargle with it. I have also diluted it in my neti-pot. You can find it at most drug stores and Albertsons. It is not prescription, but you sometimes have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter. Personally, I have cleared sinus infections using only my neti-pot and no doctor visit or prescription. This is not medical advice, I am, however, sharing what has worked for me.

4. Keep a saline nasal spray and spray your nasal passages from time to time throughout the day, especially in the dry months. This is especially important while flying. The air in airplanes is VERY dry and can set you up for a cold or sinus infection. The saline mist will help wash out bacteria and can even denature some viruses, thus reducing the possibility of picking something up.

5. Expect to be healthy. If you see reports of flu outbreaks on the news, say things to yourself like, “Some people do get the flu, but not me.” Or if people in your house are getting sick, remind yourself, “Just because other people in the house are sick, doesn’t mean I have to get sick too.” Expect that you will be healthy all of the time. If you feel a cold coming on, say things to yourself like, “I remember when I was getting a cold and it went away”.

6. Do vocal exercises every day or almost every day. Expect results. Practice the throat stretches throughout the day. Practice breathing from the diaphragm throughout the day. When you are stuck in traffic, take a minute or two to check in on your breathing. It will re-inforce what you are working on and will help you clear your head.

7. Have an “I can” attitude at all times. If an exercise seems hard or you are struggling with a passage, take a break from it and remind yourself that you can do it. Imagine yourself having already succeeded. Then resume your work.

8. Trust your instincts. All of these things combined will help keep you healthy and accelerate your achieving your goals!

9. If you are sick and not getting better, consider seeing your doctor.

-Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles-


Quick Vocal Tip No. 1.

 Quick Vocal Tip No. 1.   We tend to tense up and reach for high notes. The best way to sing them with ease is to keep the larynx low and open. This video suggests pointing down to sing high notes.Subscribe on YouTube to watch mini singing lessons by Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles.

How to Use Your Voice

  This is a blog on many topics related to singing, speaking, and using Law of Attraction to manifest the life and career you desire.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online.  

Congratulations to my students!

From Paul the Voice Coach

Danniel Giraldo is rocking it in Miami in rehearsals for Pirates of Penzanz. After 2 months of singing lessons with Paul the Voice Coach, he was cast!

Annie Dutoit (Happy Birthday!) has been travelling the world narrating Liszt melodramas, Stravinsky's "Histoire du Soldat", her mother's performance of "Gaspard de le Nuit" among other many great performances.

Timothy TV Cao from Broadway's Matilda has been dancing in San Fransisco, NYC, and Houston and preparing music for college and conservatory auditions. After a few years of Broadway material, he is embarking into the world of Schubert Lieder.

Jason Heath has released an EP and is rockin everything from his original works to A. Webber's "Heaven on Their Minds" to Handel's "Every Valley Shall be Exalted" He is not in Los Angeles, but takes lessons online.



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