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Paul The Voice Coach Los Angeles

Singing and Ear Training Lessons


Expand your range, boost your stamina and vocal power. Improve your pitch accuracy and learn how to harmonize. 

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Improve your pronunciation, learn dialects (especially Standard American), learn International Phonetic Alphabet 

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Success for Performers

Being a performing artist doesn't have to mean being poor. I teach you the mindset to make your art into a prosperous lifestyle Only $19.95!

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How to use your voice blog

 This is a voice coach blog on many topics related to singing, speaking, and using Law of Attraction to manifest the life and career you desire.  Check out my other services, too.

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What other's are saying

Paul has a great sense of humor, so while he was guiding me past my poor breathing and support habits, he kept me at ease and finally helped me achieve the breakthrough I was seeking. Wonderful teacher.  -Steve Schalchlin