Singing Lessons

Paul The Voie Coach Los Angeles Singing Lessons

Expand your range, boost your stamina and vocal power with voice lessons. Improve your pitch accuracy and musicianship skills.  Serious singers and working professionals by interview only.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online.  Group class  in North Hollywood.

10 Week Vocal Super Boost

Voice Coach, Los Angeles Singing Lessons

 You are worth being heard. Be a more dynamic speaker, a better singer, improve your diction and pronunciation, boost your confidence, and get your creativity flowing. Perfect for public speaking, presenters, sales people, ESL, or anyone looking to advance their career and life.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online.

How to Use Your Voice Blog

Paul The Voice Coach Los Angeles

 This is a blog on many topics related to singing, speaking, and using Law of Attraction to manifest the life and career you desire.  Voice Coach available in Los Angeles and online. 


Voice Coach Los Angeles

Buy T-shirts, tote bags, pencils and more from Paul the Voice Coach. All have acting, singing, and music themes.

Free Videos

Voice Coach Los Angeles Videos

Check out my free videos on speech, diction, singing, and other performance topics. Singing lessons by Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles.

Ear Training and Sight Singing

Voice Coach Los Angeles Sight Singing

Learn how to read music, improve your pitch, and develop the invaluable, 

time-saving, mind-blowing skill of singing on sight. 12 week section includes 6 x 30 minute one-on-one online sessions. with  Paul the Voice Coach, Los Angeles.


Paul The Voice coach, Los Angeles