Singing Lessons


You want to be the best singer you can be and I want you to be that, to discover the performer within. Singing lessons with Paul are the best way to achieve that. If you are a professional looking to improve your technique, flexibility, and expand your range, a new singer who wants to get the foundations for a classical singing career, or you are a very beginner who has the desire to be a professional singer, you are a potential good fit for my teaching.

On top of flawless vocal technique that is based on the bel canto school of classical singing and adapted for different styles, I teach audience connection and connection to your material by developing your stage presence and ability to analyze text to become more dynamic and expressive.

We're going to do some vocal exercises to strengthen your voice and ear, expand your range, and develop your vocal stamina and flexibility. We'll also do some visualization exercises to develop the mindset to make you the best singer you can be. We can start right away with a free lesson.

You can take the  three month intensive, individual lessons, or buy packages of 4 or 10 lessons.

If you want someone who knows the voice and body, how it works, and cares about you and your progress, then I am the right teacher.


I do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal. I do not have a one size fits all program. I listen to what you need and want and do what needs to be done. I will research and adapt if what we've been doing isn't working for you. 

I am highly trained, having studied with some of the top voice teachers in the world including Noelle Rodgers, Mark Oswald, and John Norris. My singing coaches include Andy Gale and Mark Janas and I have studied diction with Kathryn Labouff from the Metropolitan Opera, Manhattan School of Music, and Juilliard. 

My acting coaches include Brandy Hotchner and Barbara Poitier. I pass all of this knowledge on to you. 

You want to be the best performer you can be and I want you to be that, to discover the singer within. 

 I offer a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after one month, you get all of your money back! 

I use imagination and visualization to help the student achieve their goals whether they are performing as a hobby or as a career. I focus on developing creativity. I have a background in psychology as well, so I use unique learning methods. I am good at finding out what might be blocking students and help them break through those barriers. I want you, the student, whether singing or public speaking, to achieve the next level.  

We can work via Google Hangouts and Skype as well as in person. 

I love to see people grow as performers and persons. There are few things as rewarding as seeing someone accomplish a goal. 

Scroll down and book your free 30 minute consultation now! 

Base Package is $160 for four lessons (2 thirty minute sessions plus 2 email/video sessions)

$160 for four (2 x 30 minute lessons plus 2 email coachings) 

$150 per hour for a single session

$125 per hour if you buy 4 - 10 lessons at once

$100 per hour for a package of 10 or more.

$3000 for a three month apprenticeship

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will give your singing a quantum leap!

-Paul kolecki, Voice Coach, Los Angeles

Ear Training Lessons


Need to develop your pitch accuracy? 

Having trouble harmonizing? 

Get started on a customized, personalized, ear-training program. 

For only $160 a month you will get your own ear training program. We meet for 30 minutes every two weeks via Skype or Google hangouts and you receive lessons throughout the week for you to work on on your own time. 

Then you send me the assignments via email where I give you a new assignment and give you feedback on your progress.

The best singers can match pitch, harmonize, and blend. they do not need auto tune. Dare to be the best!


$150 per hour for a single session

$125 per hour if you buy 4 - 10 lessons at once

$100 for a package of 10 or more.

Schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Paul Kolecki,  Voice coach and voice teacher right now!