3 Month Course with Paul the Voice Coach

They call me the Intuitive Voice Coach because I use  the latest in learning technology and psychology, combined with spirituality and traditional voice teaching, to help you skyrocket your vocal technique,. 

You will see results from a lesson with me instantly. I help you unblock your mind as well as voice for rapid results.

90 Day course: We will improve your pronunciation and  vocal production as well as change your mindset so you can take your life and career to a new level along with your vocals. Online only via Skype or Hangouts.

21 Day Transformation: Three week intensive that includes 9 x 1 hour in-person sessions, 15 daily personalized email lessons, video supplements, personalized meditations and written exercises to help you realize your goal. This is for someone who has a pressing need to improve their speech quality. For example, an executive with stage fright who has to do a presentation, an actor who is preparing an audition or whose agent has told them to get vocal help, a student who has to give a big speech, etc. This is a premium service and only available in-person, not online.

7 day fix: We meet daily for 7 days to fix  one problem and/or work on one piece.

Who I am for:

 Professionals who are looking to increase stamina, vocal power, improve speaking skills. People who use my service include voice-over artists, actors, public speakers, nurses, teachers, executives, sales people, and anyone else who uses their voices in their day to day lives.

 All of my clients receive  service because they get specialized attention and are receiving top level instruction.


Who I am not for:

Karaoke singers, non-serious amateurs, people who are not seeking premium service, unfocused individuals, unsure individuals, anyone not willing to put in the time and effort.


You receive weekly one-on-one lessons, personalized exercise mp3s, supplementary video lessons, and weekly personalized email lessons to help you with mindset.

Expand your range, boost your stamina, and improve your vocal quality. Blast though those barriers to give your speaking a quantum leap!


My student list includes local singers as well as Broadway performers, TV personalities, and Off-Broadway composers.

 I cannot wait to hear from you!

You can meet me at a premium studio in North Hollywood or work with me online. Apply today. Isn't it time to truly unleash the power of your voice? 

We can work via Google Hangouts and Skype as well as in person. 

Call 323-286-8243 or email paulthevoicecoach(@)gmail.com to start improving your diction now!

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will give your speech a quantum leap!

-Paul The Voice Coach, Los Angeles

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