Vocal Freedom

Find Joy and Freedom in Front of an Audience

You are worth being heard. Be a more dynamic speaker, improve your diction and pronunciation, boost your confidence, and get your creativity flowing. Perfect for public speaking, presenters, sales people, ESL, or anyone looking to advance their career and life.

10 week online course: 

You will be sent a series of exercises designed to increase your vocal power, improve your pronunciation, release tension in your body and mind, and boost your creative flow. We will first have a meeting via Skype so I can get your program customized. I will give you some exercises to start and you will get the rest of the coursework starting the following week.  Do this on your own schedule from your home, office, or anywhere that is convenient for you.

10 week + 4: 

Includes the same work as the 10 week course but starts with 4 x 30 minute in person sessions in North Hollywood.

Single Private Coaching sessions 30 or 60 minutes:

$160 or $300 respectively.

Who this is for: 

 Professionals who are looking to increase stamina, vocal power, improve speaking skills. People who use my service include voice-over artists, actors, public speakers, nurses, teachers, executives, sales people, and anyone else who wants to improve their vocal power and creative flow.  All of my clients receive  service because they get specialized attention and are receiving top level instruction.
You receive weekly personalized exercise mp3s, video lessons, and weekly personalized email lessons to help you with mindset.

Expand your range, boost your stamina, and improve your vocal quality. Blast though those barriers to give your speaking a quantum leap!

My student list includes local singers as well as Broadway performers, TV personalities, and Off-Broadway composers.  I cannot wait to hear from you!

You can meet me at a premium studio in North Hollywood or work with me online. 

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Isn't it time to truly unleash the power of your voice?


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