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Singing and Ear Training Lessons

Singing Lessons, Paul Kolecki, Voice Coach, Los Angeles

Expand your range, boost your stamina and vocal power. Improve your pitch accuracy; learn how to harmonize. 

Starting at $160 for four lessons

How to Use Your Voice Blog

Voice Coach, Los Angeles. How to Use Your Voice

 This is a blog on many topics related to singing, speaking, and using Law of Attraction to manifest the life and career you desire. 


Improve your pronunciation, learn dialects, learn International Phonetic Alphabet. 

Starting at $160 for four lessons

Success for Performers

Prosperity Course, Pail; Koleci Voice Coach, Los Angeles

Want to make a change in your performing career? What if this changes everything? How good could it get? Only $39.95!

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Visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel for videos on  singing, performing,  and auditioning,. Updated weekly and sometimes more often

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